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Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Party time!!

I love this time of the year!! I love the decorating, I love the shopping, I love the cooking and baking, and I love the Christmas parties!! This photo was taken at my BookClub Christmas Party Thursday evening at Deer Park B&B in Buckhannon. I'm president of the bookclub this year and came up with the great idea of having a White Elephant sale to raise $$$ to pay for our Christmas Party. It was a huge success!! We made enough money to pay for all 12 of us to go to Deer Park and have a wonderful 5 course dinner with appetizers and drinks and wine!! A fabulous time was had by all!


Joanne Huffman said...

I love what you did in Kathy's book and your Christmas Book Club party sounds wonderful (I'm in charge of mine, which is this coming Monday and we're just going to a nice restaurant and ordering off the menu; but I did make bookmarks for everyone).


kathy mc said...

I love the work you did in my book. I'm so thrilled it's mine.
That's a great picture of you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

shirleymcc said...

Happy Holidays, Andi!

Angie said...

The artwork you did in Kathy's book is gorgeous! And hon, what the heck is a white elephant sale? Gosh, you have a large group in a book club! I've been in one for about 9 years now and we started off with 10 and that was a full crowd. Otherwise, we found that it became a bookclub meeting of 3-4 smaller discussions happening at once! Several in our group pulled out about the same time so we had new ones join and we decided to keep it smaller... only about 6. However, now two more have pulled out for the year so it's only 4 of us and that is too small! Anyway, I'm interested in this sale! OH, and Happy Birthday!!!