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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Images fron the islands...


joanne huffman said...

Great photos. My favorites are the sea turtles and the shadow of the palm tree on the beach.

Anonymous said...

What! A whole year has flown by since your last Cayman Island trip!! My goodness, Andi - you have the most beautiful family! And love the photos! Your charms are gorgeous too! (I'm way behind in blog reading). Have a wonderful, memorable, fun trip!

shirleymcc said...

I love the Caymans - and these photos are wonderful. Since you are there, I decided to go to your house and hang out with Jack. We are watching TV and goofing off all day, and I am using up all of your art supplies. Be prepared to buy more when you get back!!!

joyce said...

how beautiful andi! that looks like a whole lot of fun. the turtle is super cool.