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Saturday, January 22, 2005

My first attempt at Reposse. I took a class from Beckah Krahula at Altered Jubilee in 2004. I used the Repossae I made on my Egypt book for The paper Doll RR. Posted by Hello

A collage I did at Altered Jubilee, Woodstock GA,. in Patricia Dibona's class. October 2994 Posted by Hello

The 9 Divas who attended Claudine hellmuth's classes in lawrenceville GA on January 14,15, and 16, 2005. Kathy, Andi, Joyce, Angela,Beverly, Pam, Adrienne, Caroline, and Darya. Posted by Hello

My first wax piece in Claudine's class. LOVE the wax technique!! I will definitely be doing lots more wax art! Posted by Hello

My second wax piece of art from Claudine Hellmuth's "Waxing Poetic" class in Lawrenceville Posted by Hello

Tag Book on "Color" from Claudine Hellmuth class in Lawrenceville....January 2005 Posted by Hello

Andi's first Frayed Edge piece of art Posted by Hello

I have a Blog!!!

I am so excited!! I just created myself a blog!! Now, to discipline myself to actually use it!! Surely, I can do that! I want to upload some stuff to it so it will be interesting for others to look at. Off we go on this adventure.......