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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Charming Florida

Life has been hectic in lazy little Buckhannon lately! It seems like time creeps for weeks then BAM! all of a sudden there isn't enough hours in the day! I'm leaving in the morning to spend a week in Florida with my son and daughter. So, needless to say, I've been running around here like a one-armed paper hanger! I finally, this morning, finished my charms for the second Diva Charm Swap. I love making these little charms, and I don't, usually, enjoy the smaller canvas of art. Go figure!
I'm caught up enough with my art obligations, that I can leave them at home and relax and enjoy my visit with the kids.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pamela Huntington's class...Washday

This was a fun and relaxing class. Everyone loved it! Pam was so organized and generous with all of her supplies. If you had came to class with nothing, she supplied everything you would have needed to make your shadowbox. Mine is finished and sitting on the shelf in my...where else?..Laundry Room!!

Art & Soul class projects

Andi, Shirley, and Kathy

Hi...It has taken me a week to recover from my week at Art & Soul! I am finally unpacked and everything is put back in it's proper place. I have been finishing up some of my class projects now that I found my countertop again.
I took 2 classes from Kathy W...Clearly Visible Journal and Tin Souls. She's a great teacher and FUN!!