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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jim Morrison's Grave

While visiting the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris , like millions before me, I just had to stop by and see Jim Morrison's grave. Thank goodness, we had a map and there was a crowd around the grave, because otherwise, we would have missed it. Among so many graves, Jim's was nothing grand or fancy. It was very plain and simple.
Jim's name was James Douglas---the same as my husband!

more favorite photos rom Paris...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Altered Art...sort of

This is the West Virginia version of "Mona Lisa"...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kim Logan joins us in Paris!

Thanks to Karen Owen, Kim hooked up with us for 2 days of our Paris sojourn. We were thrilled to see her again and had a wonderful time getting to know her better and enjoyed her company immensely. She is delightful to be with and added another dimension to our trip. She even did a few things she had never done in Paris before!

Shirley and I somehow came up with the perfect plan for our 12 day trip to Paris. We had 2 travel days and 10 days to immerse oueselves into the Parisien world! We were as well prepared as possible and had the 10 days planned out and mapped so we didn't waste time once there. I think the fact that we didn't try to overdo our days made the trip relaxing and much more enjoyable. I've been to Paris many times, but this trip I felt for the first time, that I knew Paris!! We saw and did the little things that can come from having been there before and not being driven by the need to see the basic tourist things. We did only the things we wanted to do and had a marvelous mix of sightseeing, museums, flea markets, shopping, eating, relaxing, and just soaking in the heart and soul of Paris! My husband ask me what I would change next time, and I said "nothing"! Now, that is the true sign of a trip well done!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Puce de Vanves flea market in Paris

Some assorted pictures i took at the wonderful Puce de Vanves flea market in Paris....