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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Motivation and Spring!!

Spring is finally here! It is 70 degrees here today and has such a feel of spring...I love it! Of course the temperature coupled with the fact that I'm hostessing a birthday party luncheon tomorrow for my best friend, Pam, really lit the fire under me today! If I worked like this every day, I'd never have anything left to do!

I had to beg Feola's Flowers to sell me pansies that weren't quite ready to be sold...I need live, blooming flowers on my front porch to welcome my guests tomorrow!

The house refreshing continues...Jack has moved to the garage for a while. I needed a break inside...6 months is too long to share my space with another person every day! He's going to paint the garage ceiling and polyurethane the chestnut walls.
At this point, Jack feels like part of the family! I see more of him than I do Jim!


joanne huffman said...

Andi, I can just imagine what your garden is going to look like as spring progresses. I know that you'll give a wonderful party for your friend and I bet the pansies bloom some before your guests arrive.

Anonymous said...

I bet you give wonderful birthday parties Andi. I love pansies in the birdbath. Cute idea. They are a sign that Spring is just around the corner. Just a thought, will Jack be avaiable when your through with him?

Anonymous said...

Andi - the birthday party will be fabulous with you planning it! Have fun! I enjoyed looking at your blog. Come look at mine.

Robin Orewiler