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Monday, April 23, 2007

Butterly fun...

I was so inspired by Rande's butterfly art on her blog that I played around this weekend with..guess what? right...butterflies!! I have quite a ways to go before I get as good as Rande, but I had fun and created 2 pieces that I used...one as a card to a friends sick husband and the other as an April entry in a lottery. All day today I have been printing images onto transparencies, vellum, and tissue paper for a class at Art & Soul. Thank goodness I am almost finished with my supply gathering for A&S...I don't know what I dislike the most...the gathering of supplies or putting them away when I get home. I don't like either!!! But, I do love the classes! And the friendships and the fun!! So, I guess I'll keep packing and unpacking. ;)


shirleymcc said...

very nice Andi!
I have got to start printing things myself - packing and preparing does not leave much time for artwork.

joanne huffman said...

Andi, both these cards are wonderful. Packing to go and packing when you get back, are two of my least favorite things to do.

kathy mc said...

Andi, both of these are wonderful. Can't wait to see at Art & Soul. Have fun packing! You know you love it.

Anonymous said...

Both of these cards look GREAT! I think Rande better watch out..she's got some competition now!! You should be proud!!