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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A rare sight...


Karen Owen said...

Andi, mess them up! I think it's a sin to have such a neat studio. Yes, I'm sure of it. "Verily, verily, I say unto thee. Thou shalt not have clean countertops in thy studio." See, sounds official, doesn't it?


joanne huffman said...

Andi, those counters are calling to have art supplies strewn on them. Your studio looks wonderful and I'm very envious. I know you'll love Art & Soul and I'm expecting lots of pictures.

kathy mc said...

I love your pristeen countertops Andi. Enjoy them while you can. I bet you can even dance on them. Now that's a site I'd like to see!
Don't listen to Karen. She's just jealous!

Lorri Scott said...


I love seeing these clean countertops!

My space is never neat or organized. I wish everyday I could walk into my workspace and it would be all neat and tidy and inviting, but it's not, never. I just say "oh well" if it was all neat and tidy then I wouldn't be working. I'd be spending all my time cleaning and not creating right? Sigh.